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A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets - Hidden-Object/Puzzle Game

Break a dangerous curse that is engulfing an ancient tower in A Gypsy’s Tale, an entertaining Hidden Object game! After being hired by a monk, it’s up to Reylin of Winderalth to travel deep into the wilderness, into a mysterious maze. Avoid nasty traps and solve clever puzzles as you help Reylin attempt to stop the curse from spreading. Can you outsmart the Tower of Secrets and save the day?

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9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek - Hidden-Objects/Puzzle Game

A paranormal private investigator receives a frantic call from her reporter friend Helen, who pleas in a terrified voice for her to leave immediately for the coastal town of Serpent Creek. Urged by her friend's desperate request, the detective arrives at her destination only to find no trace of Helen. Strangely enough, no one from the sleepy town seems to remember seeing the blonde reporter. Weirder still, the town's streets are crawling with snakes, the citizens seem to be sleepwalking through life, and the ground shakes with violent tremors. Can the detective save her friend, reveal the corruption and hidden agendas of the town's citizens, and stop an evil plot to bring the Snake God back to our world?

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